Don’t Fall for Deposit a Check Mystery Shopper Scam

Walmart Does Not Send Checks to Mystery Shoppers Nor Hire Them

checkbook-800pxThe old mystery shopping scam of sending people fake checks for them to deposit in their bank accounts has a new twist.  Some people report getting checks that look like they are from Walmart, with instructions on how to deposit them as part of a mystery shopping job.  Walmart has issued a statement that they do not send out checks for mystery shopping, nor do they hire mystery shoppers.

Here is one woman’s experience:

The services she was supposed to evaluate included Walmart’s retail services, its MoneyGram or Western Union service, and the shipping services of Federal Express or UPS. The letter referred her to a website for submitting her evaluations. That website has photos of Walmart and logos for the money order services front and center.

The letter came with a cashier’s check for $1,999.85 that she was told to cash at a bank in order to perform her mystery shopping duties. The first involved buying $100 in retail items, half to donate to a children’s charity of her choosing, half for herself. She was to use an additional $1,6000 to purchase two money orders, then use $99 “to send the money orders to another undercover shopper via FedEx or UPS.”

She did just that only to find out the cashier’s check was fake, leaving her bank account overdrawn by $2,000.

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