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There are lots of opinions floating around the Internet about how to become a Secret Shopper. How do you sort it all out? This blog will help you separate fact from fiction so that you can decide whether it’s the right thing for you!

You might be saying, “What on earth is a secret shopper, anyhow?”  A Secret Shopper (also called a Mystery Shopper), is someone who is commissioned by a company to visit one or more businesses and report on whatever information they ask for.

As a secret shopper, you might be asked to rate the appearance inside and outside the business, the customer service you receive, the condition of the restroom, and the product or service you purchase. “Mystery shops” (as they are often called) vary according to the type of business you are sent to investigate.

After completing your shopping assignment, you will be asked to fill out a form which asks specific questions. Usually this form can be filled out online. You might be paid a fee or an hourly rate, plus a reimbursement, for providing this service, or you might simply receive a reimbursement for what you purchased. In any case, as a mystery shopper you are not an employee of the company. You are a self-employed independent contractor.

Some companies’ secret shoppers specialize in visiting certain types of businesses such as restaurants, retail stores, auto service centers, hotels, or beauty salons.  Other companies line up shopper jobs for other kinds of interesting businesses to evaluate and report on. Some service evaluators work with just one company which sends them out on assignments. But most mystery shoppers register with several companies and pick and choose from mystery shopping jobs which are posted by those companies.

Would you like info on how to become an experienced secret shopper? If so, have fun exploring this web site! We will continue to update and add mystery shopping information. So come back often! If you love to shop, YOU can have fun making money by mystery shopping.

Be sure to check out our online shopper videos and our mystery shopper scam and fraud information. You will need to be well informed before you begin your research on mystery shopper hiring companies or fill out online secret shopper applications. If you study and learn, and follow directions, you will not fail as an undercover customer. You will also gain an understanding of what it means to be an independent contractor and know how to keep good records for income taxes.

Don’t rush! Bookmark this site and take your time to read through every page. If you do, you will get a good education on secret shopping and will be ready to make extra cash and get free products and services.

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  5. admin says:

    Just read through the site and you’ll learn a lot about how to become a secret shopper.

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    Being a secret shopper is not an employer/employee arrangement. The shopper is self employed and can work for any number of mystery shopper providers. You may want to take a look at this book to learn more about how to locate the companies you want to work with.

    How To Make Money As a Secret Shopper, Busting the Myths About Mystery Shopping

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