A Day In The Life of a Student Mystery Shopper

Balance work and study

Mystery Shopping Works for Students.

Pat sleeps til the last minute and then runs off to classes. Between Lit and Chemistry he stops at the library and opens his laptop. Yesterday he accepted a job assignment to check out an online shopping site. So he clicks to the site and moves through it to make a purchase (for which he will be reimbursed), making note of the things he is to check. He jots down some notes and heads off to Chemistry.

After lunch he heads to his room and gets back online. He logs in at the website where he had registered to take the job. There he fills out a form to evaluate his online shopping experience. Once he enters the info, he knows that within a few days $8.00 will be deposited into his Paypal account along with reimbursement for his purchase.

Next he picks up the phone and calls two funeral homes. He has accepted a job to call these to ask specific questions. Once he finishes, he jumps online again and logs into the website of another company that provides secret shopper jobs. He fills out their report forms for his two phone calls, knowing that he’ll soon get $14.00 in his account for doing this.

Pat leaves for another class. Later that day he checks his email and sees that one of the companies that he’s registered with has sent him a job listing for buying snacks at a convenience store. He signs up for that job, knowing that he can do it the next afternoon.

Since he had accepted a job from a different company to evaluate service at his college bookstore, he heads there and buys some pens. That evening he fills out another online report, knowing that he just earned another $9.00.

He figures that later in the week he might register with a few more companies so he can pick up more shopper jobs. He will schedule jobs as he can.

He’s looking forward to Friday night. He was fortunate to grab an assignment for a restaurant evaluation, and he’s taking his date out to eat.  Pat’s having fun and enjoying the flexibility of being a mystery shopper!

College Student Mystery Shopping

Can college students do mystery shopping? College students need a lot of flexibility in their schedules. With studying, sports, extra curricular activities, socializing, and classes, there is a lot to balance. It can be difficult to work a regular part-time job.

Employers like to lock students into a schedule – a schedule that is not always convenient for a college student. And it’s not unusual to take a job based on working 15 or so hours per week, only to discover that the employer wants to keep adding on hours.

This is why mystery shopping can be an ideal job for college students. Students can sign up for the jobs that fit their schedules. With most shopper jobs they can even take along a friend. What student would not like to get paid for taking a friend along to go out to eat or to drop into a convenience store to pick up a snack?

Just like everyone else, students need to get haircuts, get their eyes checked, get their oil changed, etc. These are all things they can get free while doing their jobs as Secret Shoppers! Some secret shopper jobs even involve evaluating service at college bookstores and college food service.

Students who do mystery shopping jobs will need to have a car or go to school in an area with access to good public transportation. This may not work for the student whose school is in a rural area.  But for students close to stores, restaurants,and businesses, it is likely that they can find an adequate number of secret shopper jobs to keep them busy and to earn the extra money they need.

And when students go home for school breaks, they can simply look for shopper jobs there as well. No need to make arrangements with the boss for some time off!

And by scheduling some mystery shopping jobs between home and college, a student may even qualify for tax deductions for travel between shopper jobs.

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