New Instructional Book on Secret Shopping Released on Kindle

mystery-shoppingAre you the type of person who could do a good job of secret shopping and get paid for it?  Not everyone is.  But this new book will lay it all out so that you’ll know whether you are cut out to be a secret shopper or not.

The book,  How to Make Money as a Secret Shopper, Busting the Myths About Mystery Shopping , by Karen S. Roberts,  is a new Kindle book.  It includes a lot of information found on this website.  But it also includes specific information on how to locate mystery shopper jobs.

It’s a great instructional manual if you want information that will help you get off to a fast and successful start to secret shopping.  Everything is put together in a simple format, ranging from how to get started, how to find shopper jobs, how to accurately report your shopping experience, and how to keep business records for your income tax records.  Suggestions are also made for how to deduct mystery shopping expenses on your income tax return.

The book give insights into a variety of types of shopper jobs.  You can read and figure out which type of jobs appeal to you.

Here is the list of chapters in the book:

Chapter 1  Can I Really Be Paid for Shopping?

Chapter 2  Is Mystery Shopping Legitimate?

Chapter 3   How Can I Become A Secret Shopper?

Chapter 4   What Does a Secret Shopper Do?

Chapter 5   Who Can Be A Mystery Shopper?

Chapter 6   Is This A Business or a Hobby?

Chapter 7   Are There Tax Deductions?

Chapter 8   What Are the Standards for Shopping Jobs?

Chapter 9   How Do I Find Secret Shopping Jobs?

Chapter 10   What About Mystery Shopper Scams?

To order your book from Amazon, click here.  You don’t need a Kindle Fire HDX
to read the book. Amazon has a Kindle reader for free download on your computer.  Or you can get a free Kindle App for your tablet or smart phone.


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