Mystery Shopper Books

As in any business, knowledge is a key to success. Mystery shopper books put you ahead of the game by giving you an edge over other people who are competing for the same secret shopper assignments that you want. When you start right out doing your mystery shops correctly, promptly, and thoroughly, the companies which hire you will be eager to give you bigger and better assignments.

By learning the business inside and out, you will know how to fulfill your shopping assignments exactly the way they should be done. And you will know how to locate the best shopping assignments. Mystery shopping books will give you that edge!

You could spend many hours for days on end doing your own research to find the information in these books. But time is money! Why waste the time doing research when you could be out doing what you want to do – making money and getting free products by secret shopping?
Here are some great resources:

The writer of this website has come out with a new book that teaches you the basics of secret shopping and lets you know how to find mystery shopping jobs.








Click to download this Kindle book.  You can read it with the free Kindle reader.




Here are two other informative books.

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