Jobs for Retirees

woodworkMany retired people are looking for part time retirement jobs to supplement pensions and social security. Becoming a mystery shopper is a great way to keep a flexible schedule while bringing in extra money. Retirees often don’t want to be locked into jobs where they can’t get away to travel or visit families. They need time to spend with grandchildren and to get together with friends. But living on a fixed income can be limiting.

Besides earning extra income from mystery shopping, retired folks can enjoy the free things that come with many mystery shopping jobs. It’s not unusual to get a free meal, a free purchase from a convenience store, a free eye exam, or a free oil change by being a secret shopper. These free perks make a nice addition to the stipends paid by the mystery shopper job provider.

I have friends who are retired and who love to travel. They are registered with three or four companies which make assignments available to them for secret shopper jobs and other jobs such as restocking items in stores and doing inventories. These jobs keep them busy when they want to work and provide extra income to help cover their many trips around North America.

Throughout the year they take several vacations and let the mystery shopping provider companies know that they will not be available during the dates they will be away. When they return home, they always have a variety of assignments waiting for them. The companies they work with know that they will do a good job and will turn in assignments promptly. Therefore they never have a lack of jobs available to them.

This couple have recommended the companies they work for to others who were looking for retirement jobs. Now they have retired friends who are actually doing more jobs than they do! Mystery shopper jobs are a great way to add variety to life, enjoy interacting with people, get some free products, and make extra cash!

Another option for retirees who love to travel is to schedule mystery shopping jobs along the way.  You must have an internet connection to do this, for you have to file your reports online.  By scheduling secret shopping in different areas where you are vacationing, you may be able to take tax deductions for business expenses such as travel while you are doing this.


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