Increases in Variety and Pay-Out

Secret Shoppers Get More Choices and Better Pay

Higher pay means more money in a mystery shopper's pocket.

Higher pay means more money in a mystery shopper’s pocket.

I have noticed a trend over the past few months.  The variety of types of mystery shopping jobs is increasing.  Since I subscribe to several notification services for shopper jobs, I get a pretty good feel for the types of jobs being offered and pay levels.

Among the types of undercover shopper jobs that are coming to my Inbox are restaurants, cell phone stores, bowling alleys, car sales dealerships, senior citizens housing, makeup artists, electronics stores, children’s clothing stores, college cafeterias, sales presentation meetings, and car repairs.

In many cases the shopper does not have to buy anything, but needs to evaluate the sales presentations given at these locations.  Payments are no longer averaging $6.00 to $9.00, although some are still in that range.  But I’m seeing a good number of shops paying between $10.00 and $40.00.  Also I’m seeing more bonuses being offered for getting jobs done as we get closer to the end of each month.

In some cases I’ve even seen offers to pay mileage!

As mystery shopping expands, more and more jobs are being offered, especially in urban areas.  That means that companies have to pay more competitively to get good shoppers.  All that is to your advantage as you decide which jobs to accept and set up your shopping routes.

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