How To Begin As A Secret Shopper

One of the first questions asked by potential secret shoppers is how to begin. It’s pretty simple.

1. Read through websites of mystery shopper job provider companies to find those who offer the type of jobs you want in your area.  If you don’t know how to find these websites, take out a membership in a directory of mystery shopping provider companies.

2. Register as a secret shopper on those websites. In some cases you may need to take a test, but most of the mystery shopper companies do not require this. The more companies you join, the more shopper jobs will be available to you.

3. Sign up to get emails of job openings from the companies that you register with.

4. View the “job boards” of the websites of those companies.

5. Sign up for the jobs you want to accept.

6. Wait for confirmation that you have been assigned to the jobs.

7. Study the requirements for the job so that when you do the shopping job you will know what to observe. Make sure you thoroughly understand every aspect of the assignment. You won’t get paid if you don’t give all the required information.

8. Do the shopping job within the time frame of the assignment.

9. Log onto the website of the assigning company to fill out the online report about your shopping experience. Be thorough and clear in your descriptions of your shopping job experience.  You will probably have to scan and upload a receipt for your purchase or fax a copy to the company.

10. Wait for your pay!  (And while you’re waiting, do some more shopper jobs!)

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