Extra Income as a Mystery Shopper

Earning extra income as a mystery shopper is easy. However it is important to understand that for most people, secret shopping simply provides a nice supplement to income, not a full-time one.

Who makes a good part-time mystery shopper?

  • College students
  • Stay-at-home moms
  • Retirees
  • People who have flexible schedules
  • People who like to shop!

You may find that being a mystery shopper is the perfect way to bring in extra spending money. And you can cut your expenses as you are reimbursed for goods and services that you would purchase anyhow. For instance, you could pick up a little extra spending money for taking a half hour to do a secret shop at a department store. (Perhaps $12) Depending on the company that assigns you, you might even get reimbursed for the cost of the item you bought as you did the shop.

Or how about getting paid to eat at a restaurant or for going to a movie? Recently we did a secret shop and had our oil changed for free. Also I had a hair cut and was reimbursed for the cost.  I have also received a free eye exam plus part of the cost of buying new glasses.  And I enjoyed a free candy bar and soda from doing a convenience store mystery shop.

No, you won’t get rich doing this. But the perks are nice! You can sign up with several secret shopper companies and pick and choose available assignments which fit your schedule.

Can Mystery Shopping Provide a Full Time Income?

Yes, some people register with enough companies and accept enough mystery shopper assignments to work full time as a secret shopper. It takes time to build your mystery shopping business to this level. A lot depends upon whether you live in an area where lots of shopper jobs are available or not. Obviously there are more jobs in urban areas than in rural ones.

As you fulfill the requirements of various assignments and build a reputation as a reliable shopper who will take available assignments, you may receive enough shopping jobs to keep you busy every day.

You must build your business to reach this goal. Companies that provide secret shopping assignments will test you by giving you small assignments. If you do a prompt and thorough job for them, they may increase the number and quality of assignments that are offered to you.

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