Increases in Variety and Pay-Out

Higher pay means more money in a mystery shopper's pocket.

Secret Shoppers Get More Choices and Better Pay I have noticed a trend over the past few months.  The variety of types of mystery shopping jobs is increasing.  Since I subscribe to several notification services for shopper jobs, I get a pretty good feel for the types of jobs being offered and pay levels. Among the types of undercover shopper jobs that are coming to my Inbox are restaurants, cell … Continue reading

New Instructional Book on Secret Shopping Released on Kindle

Are you the type of person who could do a good job of secret shopping and get paid for it?  Not everyone is.  But this new book will lay it all out so that you’ll know whether you are cut out to be a secret shopper or not. The book,  How to Make Money as a Secret Shopper, Busting the Myths About Mystery Shopping , by Karen S. Roberts,  is a … Continue reading

Video:What is Mystery Shopping?


This video covers the basics to help you understand what mystery shopping is and the different type of businesses who use mystery shopping.  It’s interesting to learn about the wide range of types of mystery shops that are available.  It’s more than just going to retail stores to evaluate them.   Perhaps your insights into mystery shopping have been expanded by listening to all the info given in this teaching … Continue reading