New Instructional Book on Secret Shopping Released on Kindle

Are you the type of person who could do a good job of secret shopping and get paid for it?  Not everyone is.  But this new book will lay it all out so that you’ll know whether you are cut out to be a secret shopper or not. The book,  How to Make Money as a Secret Shopper, Busting the Myths About Mystery Shopping , by Karen S. Roberts,  is a … Continue reading

Treating Your Mystery Shopping Like A Business


Some mystery shoppers just take on secret shopping jobs as a hobby.  But since any income made by your mystery shopping is taxable, it is important to treat your mystery shopping like a business.  This means keeping accurate records of each mystery shopping job that you do.  You can claim tax deductions for your expenses in addition to needing to claim the income. Some people just keep a note book … Continue reading