Increases in Variety and Pay-Out

Higher pay means more money in a mystery shopper's pocket.

Secret Shoppers Get More Choices and Better Pay I have noticed a trend over the past few months.  The variety of types of mystery shopping jobs is increasing.  Since I subscribe to several notification services for shopper jobs, I get a pretty good feel for the types of jobs being offered and pay levels. Among the types of undercover shopper jobs that are coming to my Inbox are restaurants, cell … Continue reading

Exciting Changes for Secret Shoppers

For several years the pay for most mystery shopping jobs was rather low.  On average, pay was between $6.00 and $8.00, which was very little considering the time taken to do the job and report it, as well as the cost of gas. However I’m noticing a trend of higher paying jobs becoming available.  I receive emails concerning mystery shopping jobs, and the variety of jobs has definitely increased lately, … Continue reading

Treating Your Mystery Shopping Like A Business


Some mystery shoppers just take on secret shopping jobs as a hobby.  But since any income made by your mystery shopping is taxable, it is important to treat your mystery shopping like a business.  This means keeping accurate records of each mystery shopping job that you do.  You can claim tax deductions for your expenses in addition to needing to claim the income. Some people just keep a note book … Continue reading

A Day In The Life of a Student Mystery Shopper

Students can sign up for the jobs that fit their schedules. With most shopper jobs they can even take along a friend. What student would not like to get paid for taking a friend along to go out to eat or to drop into a convenience store to pick up a snack? Continue reading

Extra Income as a Mystery Shopper

Earning extra income as a mystery shopper is easy. However it is important to understand that for most people, secret shopping simply provides a nice supplement to income, not a full-time one. Who makes a good part-time mystery shopper? College students Stay-at-home moms Retirees People who have flexible schedules People who like to shop! You may find that being a mystery shopper is the perfect way to bring in extra … Continue reading