Car Shopping Mystery Shop Example


In many areas seem to always be a good number of car shopping mystery shops available.  Most of them are quick and easy. Here’s a video that one shopper did wearing a secret video camera.     During some car shops you’ll be required to do a test drive.  But not all.  Sometimes it’s just a matter of asking some questions and having a sales person show you a car, … Continue reading

TV Station Uses a Secret Shopper

It's unusual to get a chance to watch a video of a secret shopper in action.

When a local TV station wanted to find out how five stores measured up for customer service, they hired an experienced mystery shopper to investigate for them. This video tells the story. In regular mystery shopper jobs you would evaluated more than just how long it took to get store employees to help you and help helpful they were when they did assist you. You could be asked to look … Continue reading

Video:What is Mystery Shopping?


This video covers the basics to help you understand what mystery shopping is and the different type of businesses who use mystery shopping.  It’s interesting to learn about the wide range of types of mystery shops that are available.  It’s more than just going to retail stores to evaluate them.   Perhaps your insights into mystery shopping have been expanded by listening to all the info given in this teaching … Continue reading

Become a Mystery Shopper Videos

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Become a Mystery Shopper These videos, along with the information on this website, will prepare you to become a mystery shopper.  If you have good observation, communication, organizational, and writing skills and live in an area close to many businesses, you can succeed as a secret shopper. This video contains basic information on how to become a mystery shopper: This woman tells of her personal experience with mystery shopping: Here’s … Continue reading