New Instructional Book on Secret Shopping Released on Kindle

Are you the type of person who could do a good job of secret shopping and get paid for it?  Not everyone is.  But this new book will lay it all out so that you’ll know whether you are cut out to be a secret shopper or not. The book,  How to Make Money as a Secret Shopper, Busting the Myths About Mystery Shopping , by Karen S. Roberts,  is a … Continue reading

Who Can Become a Mystery Shopper

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Ask anyone if they would like to get paid to shop, and they’ll say “Sure!”  But who can become a mystery shopper and really get paid to shop?  First of all, let’s think about who cannot: –  Those who do not have adequate transportation to get to and from secret shopper jobs –  Those without internet availability –  Mystery shoppers must log onto the shop provider’s website to get info, … Continue reading

Become a Mystery Shopper Videos

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Become a Mystery Shopper These videos, along with the information on this website, will prepare you to become a mystery shopper.  If you have good observation, communication, organizational, and writing skills and live in an area close to many businesses, you can succeed as a secret shopper. This video contains basic information on how to become a mystery shopper: This woman tells of her personal experience with mystery shopping: Here’s … Continue reading