Membership Category Brings Cohesion to Mystery Shopping Industry


The Mystery Shopping Providers Association of North America recently opened its doors to the folks who make their industry  – the shoppers themselves. This association used to only offer memberships to the companies that provide mystery shopping jobs.  But now secret shoppers themselves can join.  This provides them easy access to information about secret shopper jobs which are available and up-to-date information on the industry.

TV Station Uses a Secret Shopper

It's unusual to get a chance to watch a video of a secret shopper in action.

When a local TV station wanted to find out how five stores measured up for customer service, they hired an experienced mystery shopper to investigate for them. This video tells the story. In regular mystery shopper jobs you would evaluated more than just how long it took to get store employees to help you and help helpful they were when they did assist you. You could be asked to look … Continue reading

Always a Mystery Shopper?

fast food server

It’s funny how when you are a mystery shopper that you stay in the mystery shopper mode even when you aren’t out on an official secret shopping trip.  I do a number of restaurant shops, so I am quite aware of the types of things to observe when I go out to eat.  Not long ago my husband and I went into a pizza/sandwich franchise and ordered subs to go.  … Continue reading