Can I Really Get Paid For Shopping?

Be a Secret Shopper

Be A Secret Shopper

When people hear that I do mystery shopping, they are surprised.  One of the first questions they ask is, “Can I really get paid for shopping?”

My answer is, “It all depends.”  It depends on whether you can observe well, not give away the fact that you are on a secret shopping mission, remember all the information that you need to look for while you are on the job, and clearly write answers to the questions that the business wants to have answered.  Your grammar and writing skills must be good.

These are all skills that can be practiced and improved upon.  Many secret shopping assignment companies will rate you on how you did and how well you answered their questions.  By getting good ratings, you’ll put yourself in position to receive more assignments.

It is often best to begin with small shopping assignments that do not have a lot of requirements.  Some of them may be as simple as making a phone call or purchasing a soft drink and reporting on the service you received.  The more complicated mystery shopping assignments may require more than one visit and much detailed information about your shopping experience.

It’s not as simple as going shopping and just telling your impressions of your shopping experience.  You will need to review ahead of time the information that you must report on back to the assigning company.  Then you must complete every part of the assignment and fill out an online form on which you report all of your findings.

It’s not always easy to remember everything you have to observe.  For instance, today I ended up walking back by a store at the mall where I had just mystery shopped and peeked in at the clerk who helped me.  I had forgotten to estimate her height.  By coming back and taking a second look I got that information and was ready to go home and fill out my report.

Yes, you really can get paid for shopping when you submit all the information and receipts that are required.  I have taken on jobs for as little as $6.00 and as much as $130.  Yes, I get paid for shopping.  And so can you!


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