Always a Mystery Shopper?

fast food server

Does she have clean hands?

It’s funny how when you are a mystery shopper that you stay in the mystery shopper mode even when you aren’t out on an official secret shopping trip.  I do a number of restaurant shops, so I am quite aware of the types of things to observe when I go out to eat.  Not long ago my husband and I went into a pizza/sandwich franchise and ordered subs to go.  We were asked to have a seat and wait a few minutes while the food was being prepared.  It ended up to be a very long wait, and then someone tried to bring us our food not prepared for take-out.  We had to ask him to take it back and wrap it.  When we got home we discovered that some of the ingredients we had asked them to put in the sandwiches were not there.  My comment right away was, “Wow!  Too bad I wasn’t doing a mystery shop!”

On another day we were on the road and stopped along the way at a fast food place.  We observed the young woman who had taken our order stepping outside for a smoke.  She stood right in front of the door to the restaurant.  We commented on how she should have moved away from the building, for everyone coming and going through the door had to smell her smoke.  Not to mention that she was blocking the door!  When she reentered the restaurant she went right back to her station and without washing her hands resumed her work, which included dipping into the fries with a scooper, and without wearing gloves.  Her hands could have easily come in contact with some of the fries that she scooped in this manner.

Once again, I expressed my wish that I was on a mystery shop.

It’s not that I like to catch employees who are not doing their jobs well.  But it’s just that it’s extra noticeable when employees goof up and you are an experienced mystery shopper.  I want the companies that I report to to make improvements with further training for their employees to correct problems which affect their customers.  If I had been on mystery shops at these two locations, hopefully these problems would have been addressed and changes would have been made.

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