Treating Your Mystery Shopping Like A Business


Some mystery shoppers just take on secret shopping jobs as a hobby.  But since any income made by your mystery shopping is taxable, it is important to treat your mystery shopping like a business.  This means keeping accurate records of each mystery shopping job that you do.  You can claim tax deductions for your expenses in addition to needing to claim the income. Some people just keep a note book … Continue reading

Who Can Become a Mystery Shopper

Observe the Food Service

Ask anyone if they would like to get paid to shop, and they’ll say “Sure!”  But who can become a mystery shopper and really get paid to shop?  First of all, let’s think about who cannot: –  Those who do not have adequate transportation to get to and from secret shopper jobs –  Those without internet availability –  Mystery shoppers must log onto the shop provider’s website to get info, … Continue reading