Mystery Shopper Terms and Conditions

Mystery shopper terms and conditions require you to be very observant and to be able to take in and remember a lot of information at once. For instance, you may have to remember the exact times or exact number of minutes and seconds from the time you stand in a line until a cashier waits on you. You may need to get and remember the cashier’s name and what she said to you. You also may have to observe whether the shelves are tidy, whether there is litter on the floor, whether the restrooms are clean, and be ready to report the name of anyone who assisted you and how helpful he was. Continue reading

Extra Income as a Mystery Shopper

Earning extra income as a mystery shopper is easy. However it is important to understand that for most people, secret shopping simply provides a nice supplement to income, not a full-time one. Who makes a good part-time mystery shopper? College students Stay-at-home moms Retirees People who have flexible schedules People who like to shop! You may find that being a mystery shopper is the perfect way to bring in extra … Continue reading